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Dear, I say dear because your whole staff who helped me are very dear to my heart and of course Oksana herself. You personally know every girl and that is a huge help... I am doing well, I wanted to thank you for patience and for working with me at your love tour in Palm Beach to meet the right girl for me. Some countries don't allow dual citizenship, such as Kazakhstan. What mind look "average" to you could be absolutely stunning to someone else. In my opinion, every woman is gorgeous and every man is fantastic BUT to the RIGHT person.

We have plans for me to go to visit her for a week before new years and then she has a 2-week vacation starting Jan 1st at which time we will come back to the US. Thanks for all your help, you run a very nice operation and I would and have recommended it to some of my friends already. If mother's country allows dual citizenship, then a child, later on, can apply to for the citizenship of mother's country.

And for those who wondered what happened to me and the girl friends it didn't last but that's Ok I got to experience them and them me . If an American man and Russian woman do get married and have children do the children automatically have dual citizenship?

If the child was born on a territory of the USA, then a child is automatically an American citizen.

: Thomas, the parties in Sacramento are not scheduled and most likely will not be happening in the near future.

I was just honest to them and my personality is what caught there eye !

and it doesn't hurt to be a little bit handsome and fit !

The reason is that while Sacramento has huge Russian/Ukrainian community, but these women very religious and prefer to meet only Russian/Ukrainian men in their churches and community, needless to say, that most women in this area are looking for someone closer to their age.

lol I'm in my 60's and they were in like 40 but I have to say they weren't narrow minded like a lot of American women.

Like I say I don't have women issues with my approach and I don't try to be someone I'm not cause believe me they can tell when you acting to hard to be someone your not .

So, for the high-quality women, it really does worth to make an extra effort. is a bit to far , also I've had 2 girl friends from Russia but Americanized they were good to be around with and very romantic.

Also, keep in mind that these women who attend out tours are paying for their own airfares and their visas so you can be guaranteed that women are serious and motivated to find them man for serious relationship and marriage : Will you ever have these parties near Sacramento Ca. Just to let the guys know I'm not one of those Men that has a lot of Money .

This is the reason we host our parties in cities like Los Angeles (on the east coast) and Florida because women are gorgeous, open towards meeting someone older than them and our clients found that those type of women are exactly what they are looking for.And as to you traveling from Sacramento to areas like LA or Florida, well, really your travel is nothing compared to the women who are coming to our tours: they are coming from overseas and some of them have to have 30 hours from areas like Siberia and Kazakhstan to get here.


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