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Dating Berkshire is here to help you connect with these like-minded, genuine single men and women.

I would like to be able to find some new friends in Newbury to see a lot and other friends in other areas as I can write to you. Looking to meet a new female friend who may eventually become someone special. All of my friends are settling down so my social circle is becoming smaller and smaller by the day.

Well I'm an eccentric silly person who thinks in movie quotes loves cat and enjoys nothing more than a black and white movie while playing on twitter, I need a friend/lover/tag Team Partner/ Founding Member of the Justice League so either a buddy who likes Xbox, Ophelia from Hamlet, Hawk from the Road Warriors or Wonder Woman.

Would like lady friends for chats and meet ups if in the vicinity.

I have only been in the area 18 months and now find myself a little "isolated" perhaps.

I do not do a job where meeting people will bring social or personal connections and so I thought I'd try this.

Dating Berkshire only takes minutes to join and is so simple to use.


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