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It’s official name became Colonia Victricensis, and discharged Roman soldiers making up the population.Tacitus wrote that the town was "a strong colonia of ex-soldiers established on conquered territory, to provide a protection against rebels and a centre for instructing the provincials in the procedures of the law".At the time of this appeal in 43AD the newly enthroned Emperor Claudius was in need of a military victory in order to secure his shaky position with the military, and saw this call for help as the perfect pretext.The Roman historian Suetonius and Claudius' triumphal arch state that after this battle the British kings who had been under Cunobelinus’ sons’ control surrendered without further bloodshed, Claudius accepting their submission in Camulodunon.



Colchester is surrounded by Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments that pre-date the town, including a Neolithic henge at Tendring, large Bronze Age barrow cemeteries at Dedham and Langham, and a larger example at Brightlingsea consisting of a cluster of 22 barrows.Five Bronze Age barrow mounds remain near the University of Essex on the north-east outskirts of the town, although the building of the railway line between Colchester and Clacton-on-Sea in the 1850s may have destroyed more.


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    No need to spend hundreds of dollars and hire a private detective.

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    Especially dating…Ignoring the dating rules of the country you’re in will cause trouble and failures in your dating attempts (yes, I’m sadly talking from experience here, Jennifer, if you read this : “sorry, I misunderstood a few things back in 1998”).

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    Klaas helped to popularize the phrase, but it was unclear whether it was pre-existing.

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    Terre des Hommes has urged authorities to tackle what it says is the growing problem of minors being coaxed into performing sexual acts in front of a webcam, and said it would provide them with the technology it had developed.

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    No matter what a gay dating website is leading people to believe.

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