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Using her findings, Webb remade her profile, including more honest, open language — and photos where she could actually be seen.She had wanted to seem open, lighthearted, and friendly, but instead she came across as distant."It's about being more approachable," she said during the talk.

With this is mind, here are the steps Webb took to get the matches she wanted: First, she laid out all the things she actually desired in someone else: a sense of humor, an easygoing personality, etc.

Then she started looking at the profiles of the people she The first thing she noticed was that instead of filling in the description sections with phrases like "award-winning" or "future thinker," they picked words that actually described their personalities — things like "fun," "new," "time," "love," and "enjoy." Webb also realized that when she picked out her photos, she made a rookie mistake — they were either very zoomed out or so poorly lit you could barely see her!


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    Blocks of Explosive Dismemberment is a two player game that’s as bloody and sadistic as it is asymmetrical.

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