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California living certainly isn't cheap, but it's well worth the investment when measured against what you're receiving in return: a sun-drenched Pacific climate with low humidity and winter temperatures that dip to a mere 50 or 60 degrees.Santa Barbara takes full advantage of this environment as well, with plenty of options for its residents.California Pavement Maintenance Company has invested in the equipment and training to offer our customers virtually every asphalt maintenance service available.Whether you need new asphalt pavement, an overlay, removal & replacement, or a surface treatment like micro surfacing, slurry seal, sealcoating, chip seal, or cape seal – we do it all.The Harbor offers Stearns Wharf, world-class dining, wine tasting and bars with outdoor seating, all among scenic views.The city also has 57 parks, further enhancing the town's overall natural beauty, which is literally world-renowned.The city has four miles of beaches, including Leadbetter, East Beach, Shoreline Park, West Beach and other sections.


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California Pavement Maintenance Company (CPM) is a trusted asphalt maintenance contractor with the staff, equipment, and expertise to help you find solutions that provide long-term value.

We can help you save money by extending the life of your pavement with proven maintenance treatments that also beautify the surface and improve safety for drivers, pilots, and pedestrians.

What better way to wake up in the morning than to the sound of waves rolling in from the Pacific and crashing along the beautiful California coastline.

This feature is one of many that Santa Barbara has to offer, as this picture-perfect beach town possesses all the stunning natural elements associated with the southern California coast without the hustle and bustle of its nearby neighbor, Los Angeles.We offer crack filling & sealing services, blacktop striping & marking, and have a Certified ADA Specialist and experienced concrete crews that can help you comply with Federal and State access laws.


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