Dating in your mid thirties

Our parents and friends are likely to disapprove of a teenage marriage, but their feelings probably won’t change much once we hit our mid-twenties.Still, earlier scholarship found that the risk of divorce continued to decline past that point, albeit at a milder rate (as the figure using 1995 data shows below). Couples in their thirties are more mature and usually have a sounder economic foundation.Scholars have long known that youthful marriage is a strong predictor of divorce.For instance, someone who marries at 25 is over 50 percent less likely to get divorced than is someone who weds at age 20.It’s no mystery why people who marry as teens face a high risk of divorce.



In the face of routine marital problems, teens and young twenty-somethings lack the wherewithal necessary for happy resolutions. Delaying marriage from the teens until the early twenties produces the largest declines in divorce risk, for totally understandable reasons: we’re all changing a lot more from year to year as teenagers than when we’re in our twenties or thirties.Conversely, youthful marriage is correlated with lower educational attainment, which compounds divorce risk no matter how old you are.


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    asked the two bachelors to tell us what are the top seven secrets to a successful marriage. A marriage overwhelmed by any of these three issues is unhealthy, plain and simple, and the Marriage Masters suggest that if you find yourself overwhelmed with any of the three A’s, take care of yourself (and your safety) first, and the marriage second.

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