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However, apps like JSwipe and JCrush have led to criticism that goes beyond religious lines.

With more than 30,000 global users, from Australia and back, the app, Kreizman hopes, will unite and strengthen Jewish communities.

“Anything that is going to help single Jews meet other singles Jews and marry is ‘kosher,’” says Rabbi Arnie Singer, author and founder.

So it’s no wonder that in its 17 years, JDate hasn’t faced much competition. As online dating becomes more tech-savvy and complex, Jewish dating is following suit.

Now there are a host of new services for Jewish singles, from the strictly Jewish JZoog to Tinder-based JSwipe.

doesn’t call itself the “leading Jewish singles network” for nothing.

The massive online matchmaker—which boasts 750,000 users and attracted major media buzz in April with its rebranding campaign, “Get Chosen”—is known as the go-to for Jewish online dating.

And with the rise of these new interactive options—some more salacious than others—comes an important question: Is all of this kosher?


If both users “Like” each other, a match is made and private messaging can take place.JCrush, another app released in April, is quite similar to JSwipe.With just the swipe of a few buttons, the location-based software finds other Jews who are using the program nearby.With the options of liking or passing on matches based on a small profile picture that appears, the user helps narrow the dating pool in his or her current geographical location.


With a list of potential matches right around the corner, users can not only choose “Crush” (yes) or “Oy Vey” (no) but can also select “Maybe.” “While relying on friends, family and fate is great, we have to keep up with the times and use technology to make our lives easier,” says Sonya Kreizman, JCrush’s COO.Kreizman adds that there was a clear need for a more modern tool that allows Jews to meet in an interactive way.


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