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Love is Respect: Dating resources for teens and young adults.

National Teen Dating Violence Helpline, managed by the National Domestic Violence Hotline and funded by Liz Claiborne Inc., has peer advocates responding to incoming calls and online chats.


Expect Respect: Comprehensive prevention program designed to raise awareness of dating violence, teach skills for healthy relationships, develop youth leadership, and increase safety and respect in schools.Once on the site, click “Services and Programs” and to go “School-Based Programs.” Futures Without Violence: Has programs for teen dating abuse and the effects of domestic violence on children.Their programs include: Lessons from Literature: Resources for English teachers to incorporate healthy and unhealthy relationships into their classes.Love is Not Abuse: Information for teens, parents, and community leaders. Survey results about teens and tweens, handbooks for teens and parents, and a teen dating violence curriculum.


Jewish Women International (JWI): International organization focuses on ensuring peaceful homes and relationships for women and girls.

Their curricula, created for a Jewish audience, are adaptable to other faiths and secular audiences.


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