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To the Admin and staffs of this website thank you very much. Leon & Irish I am happily married & I'm Lucky and blessed to have him in my life. We got married last August 2008 in the Philippines. Just be yourself and love your man with all your heart no matter who he is.. Thank you Cebuanas for the past year of supplying all the wonderful ladies (over 5,000) who contacted me.

We are engaged and we will be saying I Do's on March 19th,2011... hello, I would to thank every body, I was a member for 2 to 3 weeks back in the start of 2007. I am so happy I meet you my Maryann here in Cebuanas. Last September 16 I arrived here in Indiana, USA with him. Then we saw each other online a few days later leading to another good talk.

We are so happy because of your site, our search is over. I knew from the day I met her, she is the one I have been searching for all my life. Four times he went back to Philippines just to be with me, he stayed almost 7 months. Now were here starting our life as Family..soon to have a baby. The chats led to a trip to meet in person that opened my eyes to her world.

Dont stop believing that True Love Doesnt Exist, For true love comes in perfect Day, Perfect Time But least that u have expected! She is so kind, caring, thoughtful, beautiful honest and loyal woman I ever met. We filed for the Fiance VISA shortly after meeting.

good luck to all the people who are in search of their True Loves. On November 2nd, 2008, we married in front of my family.

We really Both Love each other So much, We are so happy Together & we can really say, Weve found a perfect love in each other's arms. In time, we will return to Sorsogon and marry in front of her family as well.

Scott and Marites We like to show the world that your site made it possible for dreams to come true. Kelvin & Gregelyn Edith Vasquez and Douglas De Mille were married in a civil ceremony in South Bristol, NY, @ AM EST on 11 February 2012. I wish your staff peaceful enjoyment, and all the women still searching - good luck - don't ever give up - don't ever give up.

Michael and Mary Gowers I was a cebuanas member before and i am really thankful to this website. I just got here in USA last year 2012 and we just got married this year February 2013. So thankful on this site I found my lifetime partner my soul mate and one true love. Trowbridge To all the people here in Cebuanas,,thank you so much for giving me a great time in this dating site , I have found the man that I love most I am married now and I am so happy Good luck to all.....Yah All staff of Cebuanas I do really love Steve Carlyle....... I now have found my true love, the woman who will love me for the rest of my life on this exciting website.

Jolly Ann and I met online, through a singles website, called Cebuanas. Doug (Dou) and Edith De Mille Hi To all the Staffs of In just a month of exchanging emails/ chat online last year he went to Philippines to meet me. We see each other 9 months or 11 months, when visa is done. Our witnesses (sponsors) were David and Darleen Merrill. Thanks to all of you who supported and encouraged our relationship. I wanna take this opportunity to say just how wonderful it was to be involved with Cebuanas. It is through them that I met this wonderfully beautiful one (Jocelyn) whom I have married. And without Cebuanas we would have never met and I would still live in the dark. Thank you for your wonderful site, i find it very easy to find my husband now.Hi, thank you so much, your site helped me find my soulmate. Here are some pictures of us together, and We want to Pay u back by sending some testimonials also for all the people there who are still in search for their other half. We got married in September the 20th, and it took us 8 weeks to get a visa, to live in the UK. Just having a holiday for now, so I thank every body so much. After 3 weeks he went back to Philippines again and decided to marry me, we went to Kuala Lumpur for our honeymoon and to India to see some historical palaces of kings/queens as part of our Tour. We had a nice conversation, and Remy thought nice "KANO" but she'd never speak to me again.

Me & My Fiance would like to thank you for bringing us Together, God made this Site to be the instrument for us to meet, cause we believe, Soulmates are Soulmates. He stayed for 20days and fly back to US and file my papers.

I first contacted her, with a SMILE sent to her profile on there. A day or so later, she and I had the opportunity to chat via their integrated Messaging system.


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    "And mostly they're pretty unfounded." Rosenfeld, who has been keeping tabs on the dating lives of more than 3,000 people, has gleaned many insights about the growing role of apps like Tinder.

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    The Capricorn woman, cautious and discreet by nature, is taken aback by the impulsiveness and carelessness which the Sagittarius man shows.

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    Cotten M, Watson SJ, Kellam P, Al-Rabeeah AA, Makhdoom HQ, Assiri A, Al-Tawfiq JA, Alhakeem RF, Madani H, Al Rabiah FA; Al Hajjar S, Albarrak A, Flemban H, Balkhy HH, Alsubaie S, Palser AL, Gall A, Bashford-Rogers R, Rambaut A, Zumla AI & Memish ZA (2013) The Lancet 382, 1993-2002.

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