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,born on January 16, 1958 in Korkino village, Chelyabinskaya oblast, USSR, is a Soviet and Kazakhstani high-altitude climber, mountain guide, photographer and writer.

He was awarded the Snow Leopard (1985) and the Honored Master of Sport of the USSR (1989). 2016 25 , , , (Linda Wylie Elliott Robinson Simone Moro Leonid Vyssokov Rinat Khaibullin) , 100 , (3940 ) (3440 ). Adults Group 3: Men and Women 60 years and over Amateur Skyrunning Race Vertical discipline: 7.5km distance, 1,200m elevation gain Date: December 25th, 2016Starting place: Shymbulak Mountain Ski Resort (Alatau)Race route according to Google Earth: Shymbulak Mountain Ski Resort (2,240m) Malaya Almatinka canyon Mynzhilki (3,030m) Alpinegrad (3,450m). - Shymbulak Mountain Ski Resort Check point 1: Memorial (2,550m)Check point 2: Mynzhilki (3,030m)Finish: Alpingrad (3,450m)Limit of distance-time is 3 hours.

In case of any dispute, the Judging Panel will take the final decision.

- The runners must cover a distance strictly on the marked route.

Since 1998, the friends of Anatoliy Bukreyev hold in his honor the annual race to the Amangeldy Peak (3,999m). The award ceremony at Shymbulak Mountain Ski Resort at p.m. The first three individual finishers in each age group will be awarded a medal and Certificate of Participation. All the interested runners aged from 12 years and over are open to participate in amateur race.

2016 Race will be held on December 25th sponsored by his international friends Linda Wylie, Elliott Robinson, Simone Moro and Leonid Vyssokov. All the finishers will be awarded with the Finisher Medal. GENERAL PROVISIONS: Schedule:- On-line registration of runners starting from 1 November 2016 until 23 December 2016 at - Race bibs will be distributed starting from 1 December 2016 until 23 December 2016 ( p.m.) at the following address: 58 Navoi Street, Room 86.

- The competition is held in accordance with the Skyrunning Competition Rules of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

- The runners will be allowed to start with the permission of the Judging Panel. - Race bib should be easily visible to the judges at the check point and at the finish.


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