Dating lebanese men advice

While the anecdotes may touch on some underlying serious topics that women and men alike face in the scary sport of dating, Najjar says, “The point isn’t to point fingers.A chapter entitled ‘Rabbit Boy’ tells the anecdote of a strange man who talks about carrots for the duration of the date and another about a karate instructor who karate chops a girl during their date.Najjar said she also wanted this book to relate to people from all different demographics.“I wanted to make sure the stories reflected the Lebanese society in some way with some kind of relevance.” Illustrating some of the challenges women face dating in a playful manner, one chapter of the book is dedicated to “a date in which everything is colored by politics and religion,” what Najjar says, “is a typical problem in Lebanon.” One section of the book describes a woman who is being introduced to a divorced man with kids, because as her family argues, says Najjar, ‘she is old so she has to accept anything that comes her way” in terms of marriage prospects.


“While the book is predominantly from the perspective of women, dating disasters work both ways,” the author says, commenting that she has received far more praise from male readers of the new book than she had expected.

With an extraordinarily diverse population of subcultures, religions and political affiliations, and the wide ratio between men and women, the dating game in Lebanon can be a daunting one.


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