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Nepal is named for the Kathmandu Valley, where the nation's founder established a capital in the late eighteenth century.

Nepali culture represents a fusion of Indo-Aryan and Tibeto-Mongolian influences, the result of a long history of migration, conquest, and trade. Nepal is a roughly rectangular country with an area of 147,181 square miles (381,200 square kilometers).

A tiny Himalayan country where Sherpa still trudge the mountain paths and prayer flags crisscross the sky, their fluttering Buddhist mantras snatched on the breeze.

We’re not meant to play favourites, but when you’ve been running Nepal tours for nearly three decades, the country kind of gets under your skin.

To the south, west, and east it is bordered by Indian states; to the north lies Tibet.

Nepal is home to the Himalayan Mountains, including Mount Everest.

Intrepid provided a safe and comprehensive trip to the Annapurna Sanctuary with all the difficulties of leading a group of diverse travellers into a semi hostile environment. Review submitted The Everest Base Camp trek is a once in a lifetime experience and a challenging goal - EBC is, after all, at the foot of world's tallest mountain.

Our guides did everything possible to make sure we achieved that goal and stood as close as many of us will get to the top of the world.


This drop divides the country into three horizontal zones: the high mountains, the lush central hills, and the flat, arid Terai region in the south.

Follow our leaders up to Basecamp, trek the rhododendron forests of the Annapurna, track rhino through the Chitwan jungle or stuff your face with momos in the warren-like streets of Thamel.

Whichever Nepal trip you choose, we promise you one thing: you’ve never been anywhere like this.

Fast-moving, snow-fed rivers cut through the hills and mountains from north to south, carving deep valleys and steep ridges.

Lo and behold, thousands of kilometres of Himalayan trails for you to run in a calendar format! Marathons, stage-races, mutli-day races, single day ultras, fun runs and who knows what else.Some UTMB points here, but click the UTMB logo to the right to learn more. Hi, I will be in Nepal from 3-27th Nov and I was hoping to do some trail running in Kathmandu or outside if there are any events on. If you have anything suitable or can recommend a club/ guide that would be great.


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