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Node Conf Argentina is among the first international conferences taking place in Latin American territory, and a not-for-profit community effort to push forward in Argentina and Latin America as a whole.



The “Ciudad Cultural Konex” complex is one of the top Buenos Aires venues – having held art exhibitions, theater & entertainment, cultural enrichment events, and business conventions.Leandro has over 15 years experience in development, managing teams ranging from infrastructure to interface design. Leandro produced important cultural events in the City of Buenos Aires, having worked in public broadcasting for several years.Alejandro initially brought Node School to Buenos Aires, jumpstarting the local community.He is passionate about education, electronics, open-source, and community-driven events.

The complex is massive: 2655m2 with a generous front yard, several large gathering areas, and two spacious auditoriums – which explains the wide variety of events that have been held at CCK in the past.When combined with its amplitude and unique layout, its design has attracted several development conventions in the past, making it a well-regarded venue that’s recognized by many locals for its convenience, conception, and generous dimensions.


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    SARAJEVO // Sarajevo's many minarets have been meticulously restored in the almost 20 years since Bosnia's devastating war and new ones that have been built are predominantly in the modern Turkish style topped with conical grey roofs.

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