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ive seen highs and lows and come out better for both. im 6' even blonde blue eyes, Well I'm just an easy going, honest, trustworthy and a faithful man who is seeking for honesty and something that can last longer forever till the end of time cos we deserve the best in all our lives through till the Hi, my name is Nikki. I like hunting and fishing, and mainly outdoor activities. Here's a quick introduction to legal age laws in West Virginia.Age of Majority in West Virginia States minor laws define the age at which a citizen is considered an adult in the eyes of the law, also known as the "age of majority." Although these laws can vary, West Virginia is like most states and has an age of majority of 18 years old, or 16 if you are married.I'm an easy person to get along with and have a heart of gold.

For singles who are not as spiritual or creative in creating an engagement profile, which can make it harder for an easy goin guy that spends my time working or helping others.Im a hard worker but still like to get out and take on new things. I love adam sandler movies & jim carrey I am jason by name from USA Miami Florida Am honest Am kind Am trustworthy And I spend the rest of my time with my wife if I could got one Am 5.Parents are probably worrying about how fast they’re kids are growing up, and kids never think they’re growing up fast enough.


And while parents and their children are arguing over when the kids will finally be grownups, laws in the Mountain State are a little clearer on distinguishing between minors and adults.

Minors do still have some legal rights and responsibilities, like the ability to enter into some contracts and make medical care decisions.


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