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Another, possibly more objective indicator is the fact that immigrants to the US come from all over the world and its net migration rate is among the highest in the world. Census Bureau serves as the main guideline for defining affluence. Affluence and economic standing within society are often expressed in terms of percentile ranking.Overall, the term affluent may be applied to a variety of individuals, households, or other entities, depending on context. Economic ranking is conducted either in terms of giving lower thresholds for a designated group (e.g.With so many households now having two income earners, the substantial increase in household income is easily explained: The typical middle-class household in the United States is no longer a one-earner family, with one parent in the workforce and one at home full-time.Instead, the majority of families with small children now have both parents rising at dawn to commute to jobs so they can both pull in paychecks... For example, in 2005 the median household income for a two income earner households was ,000 while the median income for an individual employed full-time with a graduate degree was in excess of ,000, demonstrating that nearly half of individuals with a graduate degree have higher earnings than most dual income households. households have two income earners, thus making households' income levels higher than personal income levels; Households may also be differentiated among each other, depending on whether or not they have one or multiple income earners (the high female participation in the economy means that many households have two working members).The overall increase in household income is largely the result of an increase in the percentage of households with more than one income earner.While households with just one income earner, most commonly the male, were the norm in the middle of the 20th century, 42% of all households and the vast majority of married couple households now have two or more income earners.



Today the median income for a fully employed male is ,670 per year (all numbers are inflation-adjusted to 2004 dollars)—nearly 0 less than his counterpart of a generation ago.

The only real increase in wages for a family has come from the second paycheck earned by a working mother. Two income-earner households are more common among the top quintile of households than the general population: 2006 U. Census Bureau data indicates that over three quarters, 76%, of households in the top quintile, with annual incomes exceeding ,200, had two or more income earners compared to just 42% among the general population and a small minority in the bottom three quintiles.

Income is commonly used to measure affluence, although this is a relative indicator: an middle class person with a personal income of ,500 annually and a billionaire may both be referred to as affluent, depending on reference groups. By another measure - the number of square feet per person in the home - the average home in the United States has more than 700 square feet per person, 50% - 100% more than in other high-income countries (though this indicator may be regarded as an accident of geography, climate and social preference, both within the USA and beyond it) but this metric indicates even those in the lowest income percentiles enjoy more living space than the middle classes in most European nations.

An average American with a median income of ,000 Accordingly, marketing firms and investment houses classify those with household incomes exceeding 0,000 as mass affluent, while the threshold upper class is most commonly defined as the top 1% with household incomes commonly exceeding 5,000 annually. Similarly ownership levels of 'gadgets' and access to amenities are exceptionally high compared to many other countries. government data not only reveal the nation's income distribution but also the demographic characteristics of those to whom the term "affluent", may be applied.


the top 5%, 10%, 15%, etc.) or in terms of the percentage of households/individuals with incomes above a certain threshold (e.g. The table below presents 2006 income data in terms of the lower thresholds for the given percentages (e.g.

the top 25.6% of households had incomes exceeding ,000, compared to ,000 for the top quarter of individuals).


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