Dating mistress manly

To make matters worse, Ki-tae comes out only half-dressed in a robe.

Mom just spins on her heels and walks out without a word.

Mom asks how she’s supposed to accept this, asking incredulously if they really mean to try and marry after the epic fiasco between their families.

But Ki-tae jumps in to say that they aren’t going to be married—they’re only going to date.

As soon as she goes, they scramble to put some clothes back on, nearly trading underpants in the process.

They race out to catch Mom before she gets in the car, and she points out how many unbelievable incidents she’s had to swallow since she met Jang-mi: Ki-tae bringing her home as his fiancée to wreak havoc, finally accepting her only to find that it was all a lie, and now seeing them together after promising not to hurt each other again.

The root of the problem is that no matter what label they put on it, they’re already in a love triangle as old as time: between a woman, a man, and his mother.


But as she’s saying it, she approaches Ki-tae and his mother ominously with a pitcher full of makgulli.

They shrink back in terror and scream “Noooooooooo!


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