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When the original poster retrieves the reply, he or she has the option of sending a reply back, again without revealing his or her e-mail address. I just found out that Microsoft has a dating site called "MSN Dating & Personals".From a quick first glance it looks to be their own site but looking closer you well notice the "Powered By" line. We don't need another dating site from a big company, there are too many for singles to choose from already.By MSN partnering with they get a proven dating system with already a huge number of members.Ability for administrator to turn on or off the "personal inbox" feature throughout the personals.The Personal Inbox feature functions as a full-strength, private, and secure messaging center.For more information check out our Match Review (

You know Microsoft would not partner with a company that has shoddy business practices like some other dating sites.And technologies pioneered by search engines are implemented on nearly all modern websites. Today's search engines come from humble beginning and search has come a long way in the last few decades.


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