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If dating itself was not a part of your life that required much caution, getting into a relationship with the sister of a friend of yours is totally dangerous territory. Ok, so you have known her since you were kids, because she happened to be around each time you visited your friend’s house.

Not only do you induce chances of altering a perfectly cemented friendship, you also land up treading an established comfort zone. Or, you have literally grown up together since you and your buddy have been best pals since you were boys at school.

For one, he will always be there when you visit her, pick her for a date and spend the night at her place.

Then, you may start contemplating marriage and you can do so ONLY if you can digest the idea of your friend turning into your brother-in-law!

While earlier you may have been able to talk about almost any topic under the sun with him, you would know only too well not to broach the subjects of sex and girlfriends any longer. Public Display of Affection While holding hands with, kissing or hugging your girlfriend in front of your buddies is considered normal, you would be uncomfortable doing so if your date was your friend’s sister. Make-Out Issues While your best pal’s pad is usually the best option when you need a place to make out with your girl, her being your friend’s sister rules out that alternative completely.


Weigh the odds well before you plunge into a relationship with your friend’s sister.While she may be sweet, hot or sexy, do you dare tread such discomforting territory?Only if the above scenarios appear easy to handle should you go ahead with the relationship.true if your significant other is really close to their siblings, or if the brother/sister is of the opposite gender (boyfriends meeting big brothers, girlfriends meeting sisters, etc). (Also, remember: they’ve met all the other significant others! Then you can easily start a conversation by saying, “Sally tells me you breed carrier pigeons? It’s nice to show that you actually remembered/care about something your SO said about them: flattery is a powerful thing.

Well, due to the following possible repercussions: 1.

Awkwardness in Friendship Dating you friend’s sister can imply a sense of awkwardness creeping into the rapport you share with your buddy.


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