Dating or hooking up

When someone says to me, "Oh my gosh, I just hooked up with this great guy this weekend," they're usually referring to #4 on this list.

It could mean anything intimate however, be it kissing, oral sex, intercourse and anything in between.

I should note that of all the definitions listed here, this is the one I've heard used the least often.


Readers have used it with me in more than six different ways, and I usually have to clarify their meaning and intention if it's a bit muddy.

Still wondering what someone meant when they said you or someone else hooked up, or if you want to hook up?

Some folks might call this just plain dating (and they'd be right!

) however others consider it a stepping stone to see if there's more substance to build a strong connection.

Another way to use this term loosely, I'd also say that few folks mean they're starting a new relationship when saying they've just hooked up with someone - although a few of the teens I've spoken to have.If someone does use this in reference to you, or a good friend of yours, and you think it might mean a more committed, romantic partnership, I'd strongly recommend getting clarification.


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