Dating photo portrait charcoal

The course will begin with the introduction of the gray scale, and progress, through specific exercises, to working with a full range of colors in a variety of mediums.

Students will learn about the relationship between warm and cool colors and how these play into creating the illusion of light and atmoshere. Non-Members 6 sessions/Tuesdays to pm September 13 to October 18 Teaching Artist: Sibyl Weidner Do you have a willingness to have fun, and try new things! Non-Members 6 sessions/Wednesdays to 12 noon September 14 through October 19 Teaching Artist: Jo-ann Osnoe Take your watercolors to the next level by advancing your knowledge of color choices, values, composition, and exploring experimental techniques.

The instructor will offer critiques that assist in constructive problem solving.

Supplies are provided by the student and a list will be sent one week prior to the start of class. 0 Members 0 Non-members 6 sessions/ Tuesdays to pm Sept 13 to Oct 18, 2016 Teaching Artist: David Rivera Watch Video Through various drawing and painting exercises, students will explore different methods of observing color.


Give the gift of creativity to your family, friends, children, grand kids and colleagues!The goal is to ignite creativity and at the same time improve your ability to visualize: Do you have memories, favorite places, recurring dreams, imaginary settings you would love to create? The last class bring in your favorite 5 images as 4x6 or larger. This course is for students who are familiar with basic techniques and wish to advance to the next level. Non-Members 6 sessions/Wednesdays to pm September 14 to October 19 Teaching Artist: David Rivera Watch Video Oil painting is an extremely versatile medium with a long history dating back to the mid-fourteen hundreds.


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