Dating pool shrinks dating radiologist

Where he will proceed to paper it over in a billion updates of her eating mush.

A new parent is perhaps most sensitive to the milestones of getting older.

I’ve learned that that’s what being a parent is like.

If the years bring me low, they raise my daughter, and, please, so be it.

And because they were too cool to have posters, I had to settle for arranging their album covers and flyers on my bedroom wall. I’m pretty sure my old bedroom is now someone else’s attic, and I have no idea where any of the paraphernalia I collected is. Not only will his 38-year-old self be able to go back, pick through the detritus, and ask “What was I thinking? Moreover, they can do it for all people, not just one guy.

And, more still, they can connect that 18 year to what came before and what’s still to come, because the wall, covered in totems, follows him from that bedroom in his parents’ house to his dorm room to his first apartment to his girlfriend’s place to his honeymoon, and, yes, to his daughter’s nursery.


Up where the world is steep, like in the Andes, people use funicular railroads to get where they need to go — a pair of cable cars connected by a pulley far up the hill.The weight of the one car going down pulls the other up; the two vessels travel in counterbalance.


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