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" check to make sure his body language shows that he is open to the conversation.

Looking down or away, with crossed arms and legs or a tight jaw, is a clear indicator that he is not open to talking.


When you feel the need to ask your partner "Where are we going?A couple can mimic moves on the dance floor, or by simply ordering the same drinks and appetizers at the bar.By the end of the event or evening, this type of flirting puts both of them in sync and shows each other that the feelings are definitely mutual.His mouth may say "yes" to discussing this, but if his body says "no," then try changing direction by asking him to go for a walk (so he uncrosses his legs), holding his hand (so his arms aren't crossed), or leading him somewhere else, where you can sit and talk.

You're sitting on the couch at your cousin's New Year's Eve party chatting it up with the woman you noticed minutes after you arrived. We typically sympathize, relate to or in the case of flirting, like a person who subtly mimics our moves.

She then leans back on the couch to get more comfortable. While the conversation is extremely engaging, you take a quick second to lean forward and pick your Champagne glass off of the coffee table to take a sip. These simple gestures have made both of you much more relaxed and more willing to continue the conversation into the New Year and possibly on to the second date. Studies show that the chances of strangers bonding depend highly on mimicry, "a synchronized and usually unconscious give and take of words and gestures that creates a current of good will between two people" [source: Carey].


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