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It's also a plus that these guys are Christians; they're not perfect by any means, but you're getting input from guys with a foundation in Christ, and that's a very crucial detail.The book covers various topics from first impressions to flirting, body image, and turnoffs to spiritually connecting, physically connecting, and marriage.Some of the best advice Rebecca has to give comes from her own experiences.I like a particular instance where she talks about how she had held fast to personal boundaries she set for herself that wouldn't allow her to lay down on a bed with a guy or be alone with a guy in a bedroom with the door closed, among other things.Still, Rebecca keeps her sources varied so you won't be just getting one isolated opinion from some extraordinary circumstance.

She interviewed friends and acquaintances of all ages (particularly between the age group of 18 and 35), even putting out questions on her Facebook and Twitter accounts as well, all with the hopes of understanding guys better.

So while Rebecca is now officially spoken for, she hopes to share her study with struggling young ladies everywhere to help them understand more of the dos and don'ts of dating and relationships. Rebecca approaches the writing style from a very conversational point of view.


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