Dating schwinn varsity

An example would be 'G0181' and equates to "Giant, January, 1981".

of build 1 thru 365, the 4th (last digit) is the last number in the year. If you are not sure which decade the bike is from, check the parts and graphics on the bike to the pictures in the catalog pages.

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Until the recent rise of quality TIG-welded and composite bicycle frames, most high quality lightweight bicycles used lugs (external metal sleeve fittings) to join their frame tubing.Wipe dirt and oil from the serial number, if necessary, so you can read it accurately. Call a Schwinn representative and tell her the serial number.She will be able to tell you the year the bike was made.Otherwise, you can find online databases that match Schwinn serial numbers to manufacturing dates.


The letter "G" followed by a two-digit month code (01 = January etc.) and two more digits for the production year (81 = 1981 etc.).

Fillet-brazing is an alternative method of constructing high-quality lightweight bicycle frames without the use of lugs.


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    If you've verified that antivirus or security software is not interfering with your sync process, move on to step 13.

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