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He has deleted all phone numbers that we corresponded through. He has warrants on him in Kentucky for Child Support. Finally he left and my cleaners said he was working 3 cell phones. He is from Williamsburg Kentucky but has family in Florida. He fled Kentucky 4 years ago after scamming a local pharmacist out of her retirement along with dozens of other people who fell victim to him. He has warrants on him in Kentucky for not paying child support. Just an FYI - the post I put up earlier has my own info in the scammer part by accident, so if anyone wants to email me for a photo or has questions let me know. He uses the name Brandon Hudson, BJ Hudson, Bruce Hudson, Brandon Hudson Junior. He will call and identify himself as his father, saying he needs a place for his son BJ (junior) to stay.This Bruce Hudson married Amy Hudson in July 2012 in Florida when he lived in Indian Shores, Florida. I emailed the address on Home Away - they never heard of Bruce/Brandon/BJ Hudson.He was in Clearwater Florida when he took part of my money and in Kentucky where his father (supposedly deceased) had a car dealership and where his aunt resides and works at an Apple factory. IF ANYONE HAS ANY INFORMATION ON BRUCE HUDSON\'S LOCATION PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!! He has been scamming people all over Florida, Texas, Georgia and Alabama. He goes by Bruce Ashley Hudson or Bruce Allen Hudson. When my cleaning crew came to the house he did not want to leave.He approached my elderly neighbor and asked her to sell her lot across from his home.She said no, he asked for it to be left in her will to him. A house for sale up the street - he approached the owner, offered him a quick cash closing, went so far as going to a title company with him, filled out all the paper work, apparently several hours, then was gone. this jerk has nothing but the clothes on his back and a big mouth. Verizon Wireless has launched a legal battle against 26 people and companies they say are fleecing consumers with "premium messaging services," i.e., when your grandma gets a spam text message that enters her into an automatic billing cycle without her consent.

Add information if you see one that's already been logged - scammers move quickly and change details often to avoid detection. Bruce Hudson spent the night in our home in Key West while on his honeymoon with new wife Amy in July 2012. He has been known to use his deceased fathers name "Bruce Allen Hudson". I don't know if he's been caught, but I was called (my number is listed below) by a cabin/RV resort in Oklahoma a few weeks ago. His phone number is 817-723-8313 with caller ID coming from Hudson Marketing. All sorts of sob stories, his son lost his mother, can he rent our vacation property..he wants to buy our house because its so nice. He wanted to give me the opportunity to make some extra money too. Food on the counters, ac still on, clothes and dog food standing there. I happened to have lived in Hawaii and knew the are well. He said he Was getting new electronic products from an Aunt who worked at an Apple factory at wholesale cost and he was selling the products on craigslist for profit. He first wanted to stay one week then extended to two and took forever to get me the money until i threatened him id throw him out if he does not pay for the second week before the first one is over. checked on the place today (they were supposed to be out by 10 am). This is the address that comes up when he pays via Name: Hudson Marketing Llc Address:1102 energy drive , Abilene TX 79602email address: [email protected] does not own a vacation condo in Hawaii - I checked when he told me he wanted to trade a week for our home. He has warrants on him in London Ky (Laurel County).


He owes over ,000 in child support, he is a drug addict and a con.The title company said he has been trying to get money out of their accounts. his dad had no car lot he retired from the railroad spent all his money keeping bruce out of jail died living in a small trailer.


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    If I'm dating a guy, and we are dating only each my world that makes us boyfriend and girlfriend. I guess there probably is this time frame where you are dating exclusively, but not really in that "boyfriend/girlfriend" state of mind yet.

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