Dating she stopped calling

There was even another girl I remember at school last year that I met at school that did the same thing after 2 weeks.I have been talking to this girl for a month now, we went out once and would talk on the phone a couple times a week.We were supposed to go out again but she got out of work late and I was dead tired from working all day. That day comes and she cancelled because she had to go visit some family, but again suggested we get together when she is back.I mean, why would she suggest another day and then just blow me off, that doesn't make much sense to me. I didn't do anything to creep her out like tell her I am in love with her or that I have a shrine to her in my closet, so why just drop contact? First off man..don't beat yourself up about all of this. Chances are shes either not really serious about dating or possibly distracted by other things. Shes got your number so let her call you if she wants to go out again. We were supposed to go out a few days ago and I haven't heard boo from her. Maybe she did think it was a friend thing or maybe she has just been busy.I could see if I said "well maybe when you get back or blah blah blah" but it was HER that suggested the day. I am especially frustrated because a while ago I met this girl who I got along with nicely, she gave me her email and I never heard from her. The thing that gets to me is that for whatever reason I dont have the best luck meeting girls.I don't like girls that are heavy drinkers or into drugs, so being in college it is hard to find girls that fit this.So now I actually meet 3 girls that I am interested in (this was over the span of about 9 months) and I hit dead ends with all of them.


I do take it personally and I know I shouldn't but it is hard not too.

I mean when the last 3 girls I meet all blow me off it sucks.


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    Workplace romance exists when two members of the same organization develop a relationship with mutual attraction.

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