Dating shorter guy weird

The possibility of better health makes short guys seem more suitable for a long-term relationship.Maybe it's because they're tired of hearing short jokes, or maybe it's because they have to compensate for their height, but it seems a few short guys have developed an incredible sense of humor that must be tapped into.However, it turns out the short guy should never be overlooked as boyfriend material.Here are 9 reasons why your next boyfriend should be a short guy: Even if your boyfriend has a six-pack, it's no fun having a conversation with his stomach.So if you're a lady who wants a man who can make you laugh, a short guy might be the answer.Short guys might have a health advantage over their taller counterparts.

Unless you really enjoy being lifted off the ground like a pet just to get a hug, it can get pretty annoying when your boyfriend is tall.You can hug a short boyfriend while standing on the ground (and if you're taller than him, you might be lifting him up).While men, like women, come in different shapes and sizes, it seems that tall guys always get the girls.And for those under the average height for American men (5-foot-10), that kinda sucks.

If you are dating a short guy, you can stand up, look into his handsome eyes and speak to his face.

And what better way is there to build a mutual and equal relationship?


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