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So, if you're one of the "silent majority," welcome to the club and know that you're in very good company.


Because shyness can affect one area of our life and not others, it's possible for shy people to appear outgoing to people looking in from the outside.Shyness can vary from feeling mild to moderate discomfort in one or more areas of our life (e.g., meeting new people, public speaking, attending social functions, dating, making cold calls at work) to debilitating levels of anxiety that impact us in almost everything we do.When shyness is more intense, it is often described as social anxiety, social phobia or panic disorder.Most of you have heard of actors who go on stage and deliver a brilliant performance, but are shy and timid in their real life.


Some of you will be able to relate, because you're able to be more outgoing at work than you are in you personal life.; But why? When we're at work, we're given a role to play that role legitimizes us in our own eyes and the eyes of others.

But when we call on our own behalf, whatever rejection may follow is far more personal. But if you make a commitment to work a program year after year, the results can be dramatic and you don't have to wait until you've finished learning everything there is to know to reap the benefits.


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