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She understands you are two different people, and she has dreams and ambitions just like you.

We bought this as a wedding shower gift for our daughter since we have owned a foodsaver for the last 20 years.

She says it is the best gift she could have received and will use it for years to come. This one has slightly more suction and my only complaint is the cord length. This is more of an annoyance than anything else, but merits pointing out.They have already broken it in and use it to vacum seal their fresh vege's and fresh fish. To save money, I'm sure, they shortened the cord so now you have to get very near the receptacle for power. It could be an afternoon hiking, or a two week trip abroad. She can recognize a truly bad situation, so she won’t sweat the small stuff. If she is a weekend warrior you will find her at work on a Wednesday dreaming of new gear and rivers to run. She has sea kayaked, ran white water, and has spent days hiking and canoeing. She carries a purse to make sure she has everything she needs with her. You might have to beg her to settle down and spend a night in on the couch. She won’t let bad weather or broken gear slow her down. She will happily hop in the car and take off to anywhere with you for the weekend – she was probably already booking campsites when you asked. She’s tanned in the summer from the sun, not a tanning bed. She can tie bowlines, make shelters from snow or sticks, wrap ankles, cook on a fire she built herself and make a kick-ass campfire coffee.

This girl will be able to take care of herself; she can cook, portage, pay her own bills, and set her own anchors.

She will push you to take leaps and accept challenges the same way she keeps you motivated on 2 km portages. She’s going to give you, like every other commitment in her life, 110%. No matter what you do she’ll always be a little wild, and don’t you dare try to tame her.


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    However, a lot of the girls on here are post-operative.

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    Make sure you take it slowly, that way you will not run out of steam so quickly.

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