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The population of the city remained relatively small until the early 20th century. Rafael Zaldivar, a group of businessmen and the president's family contributed funds for building the Sara Zaldivar Asylum for Indigents and the Elderly.

Not much is known about Cuzcatlan, as it was abandoned by its inhabitants in an effort to avoid Spanish rule.

Under the orders of conquistador Pedro de Alvarado, his associates Gonzalo de Alvarado and Diego de Holguín occupied the empty settlement and began to develop it.

San Salvador has been the host city for various regional and international sporting, political, and social events.


The city is also home to the Catholic Archdiocese, as well as many Protestant branches of Christianity, including Evangelicals, Latter-day Saints, Baptists, and Pentecostals.

San Salvador has the second largest Jewish community in Central America and a small Muslim community.

San Salvador was also the host city of the 18th Ibero-American Summit, held October 29–31, 2008, the most important sociopolitical event in the Spanish and Portuguese sphere.

Before the Spanish conquest, the Pipil people established their capital, Cuzcatlan, near the current location of San Salvador.


Collage of pictures of the San Salvador Metro Area, mostly recent buildings.From top: Alisios 115 (left) panorama (right), Capillas 515 and 525 (left), World Trade Center Torre Futura (right), National Palace (left), Diego de Holguin Expressway (right), Centro Financiero Telefonica (left), Hilton Princess San Salvador (right) As a "gamma" global city, San Salvador is also an important financial hub of Central America.


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