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It can also happen that some of the VPN already blocked in your area, school, college & office.You have to find a good VPN service that work in your area and are able to open the desired web site by you.We also want to tell you that opening blocked sites banned by you country is not ethical.


You can use 300 MB/day which is very sufficient for browsing Facebook, You Tube, Google & other social media & related services.With Security kiss you can get IP of United States, United Kingdom, France & Germany. You can also try this service but they are providing 500 MB each month. Some countries like Pakistan, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, China & many more has banned some web sites.They do not want that their people will use these web sites.

However these tricks are also applicable to open blocked sites in UAE, Saudi Arabia & Pakistan.

We recommend that you don’t use these tricks to access blocked web sites by government.


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