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The second vision of Ukraine Imagine a beautiful blond girl in the countryside with flowing lockets in her hair and a traditional Slavic white embroidered dress, gathering wildflowers from a field and living in an idyllic wooden house in the forest and a cross that hangs on the door of every village home. The question is which place would you like to find your princess?

Perhaps the above is a slight exaggeration but it paints a picture how different the regions of Ukraine are.


The inhabitant of this purgatory just dream of eating nectarines in Crimea.Large toxic clouds spurt out from enormous smoke stacks to further dim out the sun.Every 30 seconds or so the sky is illuminated by large flames, like solar flares, that shoot out from these post-Soviet metallurgy monstrosities.The purpose of this post is to give you the definite guide to Ukrainian girls like no other on the Internet.


Most websites talk blah, blah about the virtues of Ukrainian women to sell you. Anything written here should not be construed as negative.My family came from a small village called Skalat in Western Ukraine. These are not political regions but social regions.


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