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And add all the male tourist and contractors who also are looking for dates from the dwindling supply of available females.... The way many females view non-locals isn't leaning on your favor..I had moved to the mainland and experienced dating here THEN went back to Guam, I could not date a local. I think the ones that moved back to Guam from residence in the mainland are more open-minded to the prospect.The picture isn't that I'm originally from in the U. Local males also are known to be a bit 'protective' over non-locals moving in on their 'women' or even their areas.


REMEMBER, women who is really interested in you will never ask for money.

Now add all the single local males looking for dates (and a wife).

Add all the military males (and females) who are looking for dates as well.

But, you know..there and socialize with the locals and slowly, they'll treat you like their brother=)hubby said the same thing M76 ..he said that locals are so nice and hospitable..have cook outs too,and every Wed.

they have open market and lots of food locals are selling diffrent dishes But its expensive there compared here in FLorida...

I wanna move there too coz its near my HOME land PHILIPPINESA big problem I see on all the Pacific islands is that many people from the US or other large countries come to one of the islands and mistake normal, friendly, laid back, and starnger welcoming guestures as some form of come on. That evening we went to dinner and on the way back he kept commenting on how many of the women were making eye contact with him or flirting with him. You could have seen his manhood fall off when we had to explain they were not flirting with you or trying to go to bed with you, they were just being their normal firendly self.


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