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Examples of these types of sites are: While some people use social networking to make friends, others use the Internet to find a date.As a result, almost anyone can be a part of a social network.Some common types of social networks include: Within each social network, there are even further ways that anyone can take part.Others, like Xanga or Livejournal, let users keep journals, but omit personal information if they'd like.Social networks are created around similar interests or traits that people share.For example, on Facebook, a user can become involved in groups that connect them to other users who like similar things -from fans of Ron Howard to people who wear flip flops. If you're interested in social networking but you're not sure where to get your feet wet, here are some great ways to get involved.One of the most popular types of social networks are sites where you can make friends.Often, people use these types of sites to reconnect, or keep in contact, with old friends too.



Social networks are places where people with shared interests can come together and get to know one another on the Internet.

Some, like Myspace and Facebook, have users fill out profiles with a large amount of optional information.

There are sites on the Internet for just about every type of person and every interest.

From online dating sites to Christian fellowship or teen hangouts, there is a social network for everyone, each with its own rules.

Keep reading to find out exactly who belongs to a social network and how you can find one that fits your life and interests!One of the first questions people ask about social networks is what is a social network?


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