Dating sites that ask about breast size

Then he’d probably reply with something like “nice” (which would be kind of a let down after all the contorting I had done on my bathroom toilet).I know I can be traditional, to a fault sometimes, but the whole “sexy pics” thing is something I’m not budging on.If every girl who was asked for a “sexy pic” refused, maybe guys would realize that meeting a girl in person is way more exciting than an image on a screen!Men are hiding behind “LOL’s” and “:-)” and we’re letting them… I don’t need a guy to spend money on me, I just need him to spend time with me and to put out energy and effort to be around me.When Time Waster Guy asked me for the additional pics, I was disgusted with him, but then I had to take a minute and think.Men are finding a way to be involved with us and never ever be in our presence.They text us, email us and then boom, we’re supposed to strip down and create soft porn for them to save in their cell phones? There is something special about hearing someones voice for the first time, looking them in the eyes, feeling their energy, smelling them, touching them… And before you start thinking that I need be wined and dined from the start, let me say that its possible to connect with someone over .50 cups of coffee in Central Park (I know, because I’ve done it).

Maybe its not his fault, maybe it our fault as women that guys think they can get us naked without even meeting us.

These guys think its okay to ask Plus Size Princess for “sexy pics” because there are other PSP’s out there who send out half naked photos to anyone who asks.


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    You'll be able to find people who share your faith on these dating websites.

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