Dating sites with fish in title

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    My writer friend Teddy was with me when I got the text from my pregnant pal about the suddenly free cottage — and I was about to turn down her offer to make use of the place when Teddy convinced me I should take a little working holiday ... He'd come along for the long car trip, read me the directions while I drove, and protect me from wolves (or at least sea pigeons). And since both Teddy and I can work from more or less anywhere, we decided to go for it. As you may recall, he's a guy I went on a date with a while back. I wanted to be friends with him, but I wasn't sure how to navigate that terrain.

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    “Hyung.” Sehun laughs, arms reaching out for Minseok once more. Give me another hug.”“I think that’s more than enough, Sehun,” Minseok says, pushing Sehun away. “I’m tired.” He raises his arms like he’s shooing Sehun away, and Sehun frowns. Sure, he’s told Sehun to go bother someone else, but he’s never pushed him away, and now Sehun isn’t sure what to say or how to react. He stands there for a moment, tugging his lower lip between his teeth and choosing to stare at the floor.

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