Dating someone in church

I'm a new Christian and feel weird asking a fellow church member out on a date.If she said no I think I would feel awkward around her for awhile.A dating relationship has some perks, but asking for those upfront is too blunt for a lot of people who are looking for something long-term.I understand how friendship is hard though if you want more, but I know a bunch of people that fell in love after they were friends for a while.What do you do if you are interested in someone at church.Maybe you know them well or maybe you don't know them that well, but want to ask them out on a date?Same for if we dated for a little while but it didn't work out. Hm, I first ask yourself this.1) Does this get in the way of my relationship with God2) Do you look her for the right reasons3) Can you be yourself You do not want to get started on a relationship before you can balance out everything,you may like her a lot but if it does not glorify God,it is only harming you.If she says no,it may be the lack of knowledge about yourself,get to know her first,well better,then ask her.


If a relationship is built on that, instead of on "dating", they tend to last longer.

Supposedly dating's just to find a life-partner, right?


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