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If I like a guy, I’m not one who is going to reach for his hand or give him a long hug.

I’ve set boundaries and believe these are things that should be shared with someone I would be very serious with—not a casual dating relationship.

Contemporary Christian singer Jamie Grace has only been a professional musician since 2010, but she’s already released several albums and EPs, won the Dove Award for New Artist of the Year, and starred the movie If dating is something that can be done with intention, why spend your precious time doing it for no reason?

Why not wait until it’s right and spend that time with someone who truly deserves yours?

She is raised in metropolitan Atlanta, where she still lives today. Age 8: Starts manifesting symptoms of Tourette syndrome in the form of tics—involuntary movements and sounds—and an obsession to repeat certain behaviors and phrases. She has spoken about this condition in various American states through her music and speaking. She said that she had never turned her back on God but at this age, she had a renewed relationship with the Creator.

I believe that true love is the most beautiful thing in the world and I believe it’s worth waiting for and I really hope that you’ll give waiting a chance too. I want the door opened for me, and I believe in being pursued.

In my song, ‘God’s Girl,’ I sing about everything happening in His timing.

[…] The time that we’ve been given is a gift: don’t waste it. I know that he knows my dreams, my hopes and my future.



And when my ears start hearin’ what people say Hurry up, find love, cause time’s tickin’ away Well, I’m not bein’ lazy, I’m just waiting for Still waiting for the right boy Cause I only want to listen to your voice So I’ll be listenin’ Always listenin’ to you everyday Born: November 25, 1991 to James and Mona Harper who are both pastors.

Childhood: Her parents move to Georgia when she is very young to start a church.


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