Dating sprague atom capacitors

The amp was originally looked over by Bill Webb of Fulton Webb / Austin Vintage Guitars in Austin, TX, and the restoration was completed by electrical engineers from the University of Texasat Austin, one of whom just received his Ph D.


diagonally-mounted heavy-duty speakers, guitar combo, eight tube diagonally-mounted chassis, preamp: 1 X 12AX7, 1 X 6AU6, 1 X 6FQ7, power: 4 X 6L6GC, rectifier: 5U4GB, two channels, vibrato, rear control panel, six inputs (three per channel), seven control knobs (Ch. B v, amplification, b, t, s, i), brown simulated leather covering, two light brown four-leaf clover grille cloth designs, mfg.

1949-1969."There are some key differences from the traditional first-generation of the Twin Twelve described above and this amp.


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