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Errol Gluck and Rori Sassoon from Platinum Poire Matchmaking.Among their tips:--Don't approach the first date as a job interview, it's about getting to know someone.--Don't dwell on your past, especially divorces, breakups and financial problems.--Meeting for dinner on the first date is preferable to drinks, because it will give you more time to relax and loosen up if you're nervous.--If you are drinking alcohol, keep it to a maximum of two drinks.--Put away the cell phone during the date.For those singles looking to find that special someone, it is not always easy to navigate the dating scene in New York City.


Chemistry between two people can come about for a number of reasons, and love and attraction are not always on the list.Though, as you move up through your twenties, something happens.Nasty relationships, financial struggles and an awakening to the nature of the world may shake your confidence; you may become jaded and certain that dating is a waste of your time; or you may get so wrapped up in your professional career that you don’t take the time to foster those social skills which work to put you out there to prove your worth to the opposite sex.The fact of the matter is that when you turn thirty, the dating world becomes clearer to navigate, less daunting than it ever was in your twenties, and far more rewarding than you could ever have imagined it would be.

You have a better idea of who you are I struggle with the notion of young love, or love at first site.There is a tendency in your youth to choose dating partners based on their aesthetic qualities, seeking perfection in beauty without considering whether you have something to offer in return for this or not.


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