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There are many reasons why you might want to create a quiz.

As we march toward the November elections, and next year's Presidential election, we want to check in with you and find out how politics has impacted dating and relationships for you.

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We also have a lot of tests about love and relationships and dating.

Just go through our step-by-step wizard to easily create you own. If you want to know which personality type you have, then take this test now! Plus, don't miss this featured quiz: When Will I Die? Additionally, the site owner has started a web coding blog which you may find interesting. Because you have an idea for a good quiz but not the technical know-how to code it yourself.

There are many lovers, but few people who look into the details. Because you want to drive traffic to your site (when you create a quiz, it has a link back to your site or blog).

Relationships are hard work and take a lot of commitment, but sometimes you can find your soul mate on a dating website or through posting quiz results on your facebook profile.

We hope you take surveys and enjoy sharing your results on your blogs, facebook profiles, social networks, or any online communities that you participate in.

The whole reason to post your results is so that you can make friends online, or find friends or let your friends know more about you.


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