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By that, I mean nobody has a gut-burning, overwhelming desire to walk into a dealership, whip out some cash, and pay whatever it takes to park a new Toyota-badged source of pride and joy in the driveway. Hardware changes include Toyota Racing Development performance shocks with rear remote reservoirs and specially tuned springs, combined with a quarter-inch aluminum front skid plate and mud-chewing, 31.5-inch off-road tires wrapped around black, lightweight 17-inch aluminum wheels.Instead, people pick a Corolla, or a Camry, or a Highlander, or a Prius, or a Sienna, because these are sensible, set-it-and-forget-it forms of daily transportation. In addition to supplying extra wheel travel for tough off-road situations, the revised suspension also makes the 4Runner feel more stable and capable on the paved roads where most of us roam most of the time. A girl look to gain attention from people around her. After a tumultuous 2015 that included a tough breakup from longtime partner Scott Disick, a Kardashian source tells ET that the reality star is getting on with her life. "Not in a hateful way at all, but she has completely moved on." WATCH: Kourtney Kardashian's New Year's Resolutions Are a Little on the Sad Side What's more, the 36-year-old mother of three is really happy! A girl will only respect you when she wants something in return. A woman will do whatever it takes to provide and support.

"When she had him, she really became introverted and only wanted to stay home with the kids." PHOTO: Kourtney Kardashian Gets Her 'Swagger Back' and Hangs Out With Brother Rob "This breakup has really showed her that she needs to focus on herself," the source adds.She's not pushing it though." WATCH: Scott Disick Tearfully Tells Kourtney Kardashian: 'If I Didn't Have Those Kids I Would Kill Myself' With three kids -- 6-year-old Mason, 3-year-old Penelope, and 13-month-old Reign -- the source tells ET that Kourtney "knows she's done having kids," adding that they are still the top priority for her and Scott."Kourtney and Scott will always have a cordial relationship for the kids," the source says."They are filming now, so any time they're together, it's for the show." WATCH: Scott Disick Tearfully Apologizes to the Kardashians After Kourtney Kardashian Cheating Rumors "Her kids are her first priority. The change in outlook is evident in Kourtney, who recently revealed in a text exchange with sister Khloe that she has got her "swagger back." WATCH: Justin Bieber Finally Addresses Those Kourtney Kardashian Hookup Rumors: 'For Real, She's Great' Taking care of herself is also the main theme of Kourtney's New Year's resolutions, which included "to live more in the present and less on [her] phone," "to continue on the workout mission that [she] started this year," "to continue to straighten [her] relationship with Jesus," and to "refocus [her] priorities, making sure that [she] is high on the list (children, God, me, family above all else...)." Meanwhile, despite some recent positive developments for Scott -- such as purchasing a .96 million house near Kim and Kanye's home -- our source says "Scott is still in a dark place," adding, "The rumors of Kourtney and Justin Bieber really threw him off.

He wasn't expecting it." Scott also recently started seeing Swedish model Lina Sandberg, which our source says is "just a fling." Watch the video below for more of Kourtney's resolutions. Just keep in mind that the threatening visage frequently inspires fellow motorists to flash their brake lights, and shake a fist if you’re behind them and following at what they perceive to be too close a distance.


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    This increased dependence on the internet has resulted in more people using online services which also includes dating sites.

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    She has made no friends, including from among her Saks colleagues, and thus lives a solitary existence, which does not assist in her dealing with her chronic clinical depression.

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    You don't know if you'll get the job, but if you do, you get to see the interviewee naked." - Walter Rant"When I had no work and all this time on my hands, I couldn't get a date.

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    Perfect featuring only the best hot girls on the net.

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    Various blogs took the story and ran with it, claiming Rodgers had been officially "outed" as gay.

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    By now it’s unlikely that you won’t know what you’re getting with CSI.

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    Other days i just pound you till you beg me to stop ...

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