Dating thailand women uk

A World Bank report from 2012 states that 66.7 per cent of Thais live outside the major centres, where there is little employment for a populace moving away from its agrarian roots.For most, the few decent work opportunities that are available are limited by being products of an education system ranked the worst in Southeast Asia and listed 77th among 142 countries by the World Economic Forum Global Competitive Report.With steely resolve, these often very young, barely legal, women enforce their unwritten contracts against men who have deluded themselves into believing their May-December relationship is anything but the commercial opportunity that it is.Although it is easy for an outsider to condemn, this is perhaps not a well-considered conclusion as the cultural references in which it occurs are very different from our own.Firstly, one has to look at the rapidly shifting demographics of Thailand, which have caused massive rural poverty.As the government concentrates on encouraging industrial growth and expanding exports, it has poured money into urban development and mainly ignored the needs of rural Thailand.



The result according to MP Chuvit Kamolvisit, leader of the Rak Prathet Thai Party, is a burgeoning sex industry estimated to involve up to a million women.The Leadership Academy of Muslim Women found “over 40 per cent of women report having experienced physical or sexual violence by an intimate partner".


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