Dating tips for gamers


Granted, I saw a lot more random clueless girlfriends come across my path during my time at my horrid videogame retail store, however, I saw my share of clueless young males waltz in asking for help as well.

Which got me to thinking, just what are the do’s and don’ts of dating a non-gamer? Although you may spend a huge chunk of your time playing videogames, you’re bound to have other interests.

My guy and I can’t talk videogames, but we bond over superhero movies, food, beer, and football.

Possibly some of the biggest cliches, but it works for us.

If you don’t outright tell them what game you want, there is a high possibility that it’ll be wrong title.

You see, he actually doesn’t play games (not since he came out of the service anyway).

Back in the day, long before I met him, he was big into and all your other typical “bro games” as I lovingly dub them.

DON’T: Make them feel bad for their lack of gaming knowledge.

As all the shopping malls and TV specials are currently on Christmas carol overdrive, I thought it would be fitting to rework an old favourite to reflect on my experiences as a partner of a gamer.

In a previous post, there was an excellent guide about the do’s and don’t of dating a girl gamer, and while a good chunk of the info was spot on, it got me thinking about my significant other.


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