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Sometimes the best thing to do is to just sit with them/ hold them as they release their emotions.#6 Show your INFP respect, especially when it comes to their ideas/ thoughts!They are used to being tramped on, disregarded or ignored. They will end up hating you if you’re constantly putting their ideas down.It’s also a good advantage to be a hard shell to crack/ have a tough exterior.If your INFP proves to be able to get under your skin (or at least thinks they have), they will feel all the more close to you.#5 You MUST have patience (at least when it comes to emotional outbursts).But just remember, most likely your INFP will come back with a fresh mind and a new appreciation for the relationship. And in the end, you might be pleasantly surprised.#3 You have to be able to talk sense into your INFP. Despite their type, INFP’s can be very logical people.

Which is good, because I don’t know what it takes to date an NFP, being one.

-Suzannah Side note: Though I’ve found this to be applicable to INFP’s, this list is supposed to be somewhat humorous.

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We got some requests to do a guide to dating INFPs, especially from our friends at The INTJway and Brittany volunteered to take it on.


And keep in mind that this is written by one person’s experiences and opinions.

Everyone's obviously different and I’m, by no mean, trying to stereotype anyone here :) ~ B (This is in no particular order)#1 You must understand that your INFP needs space sometimes. If you’re an Extrovert like me, then you’ll get annoyed or confused by this need they have.


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