Dating tips for shy guy

Take a look at Meeting Women - The Easiest and Best Ways . Look, I’ll probably never even try to stop a drop dead gorgeous woman walking down the street, engage her in banter, hopefully get her contact info, and then eventually sleep with her and maybe even marry her. However, I have met many beautiful women, had relationships with some of them, and instead become good friends with a few others usually due to my desires.I’ve put a few hotties in my “friend zone” because I didn’t think it would work.I am a shy person, and I must admit it severely impacted my dating for a very long time.I didn’t understand that shy people can date actively and effectively, and even if I had I would not have known how to go about it! Even if you are self conscious because you think you are ugly or you stutter or whatever.Don’t worry about it because it WILL happen naturally as you see more success.And if it doesn’t, no problem, you can still do well. Meeting people, especially desirable females, can be much harder.As a shy guy, there are several things you can do to increase your success.

I could not have imagines this just a few years ago.And have you noticed that hot women usually have other hot female friends, and if you are a friend of a friend, well you are not a stranger and they will usually initiate contact and are very inclined to like you. Stay tuned for regular updates on things that WILL work for you!Now if you are a stunningly attractive female you will have no problem dating.You’ll have other problems for sure, as the knockouts I’ve met the past few years prove.

If you are a man, whether you are considered very attractive or not, it is much more difficult. Even if you are a rich handsome dude with a Ferrari, it is harder than if you are a poor yet cute woman.

Women’s lib or not, it is still the man who needs to initiate things 90% of the time. But even if you are poorer, average or below in many aspects, it is possible to have massive dating success.


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