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"Saved by the Bell" performer Dustin Diamond says he is sorry to former co-stars in an interview Thursday on "The Dr.Oz Show."The actor, who played Screech, opens up about his destructive ways, according to the show. Read more UPDATED: Election Night was a big one nationally and locally for CNN and Fox News Channel.Read more Disney earned bragging rights for Monday's TV ratings.ESPN's "Monday Night Football" had the most viewers: Seattle's 31-25 win over Buffalo averaged 11.5 million viewers when TV and streaming are taken together.One of the greatest upsets in election history, Charlie Rose announced on "CBS This Morning."The biggest shocker in U. Read more Comedian Mike Epps, who has a very busy film career, is going to play Orlando early next year. Also on the bill will be Bruce Bruce, Tony Rock and Felipe Esparza.He will headline "The Festival of Laughs" at 8 p.m. The general public can start buying tickets at 10 a.m. Yet Cyber Club members can buy tickets from 10 a.m.


Read more What did Donald Trump's election as president mean?The biggest upset since Harry Truman in 1948, historian Douglas Brinkley told CNN early Wednesday.He even put out a sex tape called "Screeched" that he later said actually featured a body double. Each cable news channel pointed to victories in different hours.In prime time, from 8 to 11 p.m., CNN averaged 13.258 million viewers and said it was the most-watched Election Night in cable news history.

On the broadcast side, ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" was tops with 10.8 million fans. Sometime pieces of information spark new ideas and might be it turns your life, wasting time in useless information’s loses intelligence.


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