Dating underground tank

Paul De Blasio of Absecon, is a LSRP with Northstar Environmental and Marine Services in Dennis Twp.

De Blasio and Northstar just completed the removal of a leaking fuel oil tank and decontamination or the soil at a residence on Lighthouse Ave in Cape May Point.

Hurricane Sandy brought the issue to the forefront as high water levels lifted up oil, which is heavier than water, from old tanks buried in many barrier island communities.

The location of many tanks is not even known until there is a problem.“The floods came to the barrier islands and water displaced the oil.

The septic was an open hole to the water table,” said Paul De Blasio, of Northstar Environmental Services in Dennis Township.“The rainwater and the shower pushed it down,” said Steve Russell, Northstar’s health and safety officer.

Before the ordeal was over the yard look like a bomb hit it as Northstar dug out an estimated 200 tons of oil-soaked soil.

The company also brought in equipment to remove the oil from 450,000 gallons of groundwater.



No insurance covered it and it hit her hard,” said Heegard.

There are thousands of such tanks in the state and little money to clean them up.


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