Dating vintage sewing


It's nice to know my sewing machine was manufactured in 1907.But I also wanted to find out the model numberwhich at first I thought would be a far more difficult proposition.Using this identification form, I narrowed my Singer's model down to 27/28 or 127/128.Based on certain factors, I think it's most likely a model 127/128.Several years ago, I was given an antique Singer treadle sewing machine that has been passed down through my family for a few generations.I had no idea when it was manufactured or its model number.Several parts are missing, it's not in great shape, and it's basically non-functionalbut it still is a wonderful piece of family memorabilia, and I love having it in my home.

The best and easiest to navigate is Sandman Collectibles' online Singer identification guide.Sandman Collectibles also offers many vintage Singer machine user manuals for sale.


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