Dating violence connected to eating disorders

The long-term effects of domestic violence are far reaching and often devastating for victims – most often women and children.

Women and children, who live in an environment where domestic violence commonly occurs, face increased risks because of the tumultuous atmosphere in their lives.

They may feel ashamed that their partners abuse them, see themselves as unworthy of love, and suffer from a significantly diminished self-perception.

Because of their feelings of low self-worth, these women become isolated from friends and family and do not participate in social activities common to others in their demographic.

When most people hear or see the phrase, domestic violence and children, they see images of bruised, beaten, burned children in their mind's eye.

Certainly, these physical injuries represent immediately visible effects of domestic abuse.

But children who only witness domestic violence suffer consequences just as far reaching and devastating as those seen in physically battered children.

Women may develop an impaired ability to nurture their children and contribute to their positive development.

Children, whether victims themselves or just witnesses, may withdraw from their parental relationship, suffer seriously delayed or distorted development, and emotional problems.


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